What is EMU Quantum?

EMU Quantum is a secure blockchain network that uses unhackable encryption and authentication offering unparalleled data security and energy efficiency.

Invest in a world-first.

EMU is looking for investors to participate in the development of our

quantum-enabled blockchain and hardware.

EMU’s Hardware Devices use Light Circuit Technologies™
and consume a fraction of the energy of current systems.

EMU Quantum is proudly Australian.

Our head office is located at the Institute of Future Technologies & Innovation (IFTI) in Ferntree Gully, Melbourne.

EMU on tour

EMU @ Crypto and ICO Investment Summit 2018

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Collaborate with EMU

We are expanding our team.

If you are a scientist, blockchain developer, product developer or marketing genius and would like to co-create a next-generation Quantum Blockchain, get in touch.

Secure your data and cryptos now.

If you are a established company or project in the crypto-space seeking unparalleled data security & energy efficiency, contact us at team@emuquantum.com 

We are looking for partners.